June 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family:
Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray all is well with you!

We decided to write* a special newsletter this month on Nepal, where one of our Seminary graduates, Joyte (B.Th. 2000) is ministering. Joyte felt the call for Nepal and he went there in 2002 to raise up leaders and plant churches. Recently Joyte wrote:
“Thanks for your kind prayers and support. Now we (GNN/SSM) have 5 churches and 3 prayer fellowships. We have two fulltime workers and several lay leaders. Every Friday My wife is leading a Women’s Prayer Fellowship. Our ministry is progressing very well and many people are coming to Christ. The New believers are forsaking their idols and now worship the Living God. Hallelujah! Sometimes we have a special celebration when they give up their idols. We have many people who want to take Water Baptism, but we are teaching them the basic things about Christianity before they take the baptism.”

According to the Word of God (Rev 7:10) there will be people from Nepal standing among the “great multitude”, and “before the throne and in front of the Lamb”. With your prayers and financial support you are playing a vital role in “forcefully advancing the Kingdom of God”.*This issue is written by Darrell DeVantier, who is our Development Director.We are working at having a revival among the Choudhiri people group. We also started a ministry among the Tharu people. We are on the frontline for the Gospel. Our work is progressing. We have started two new Churches in two Villages B & D. Kindly uphold us in your prayers. Pray for a church building, the believers’ spiritual growth, and please pray for my wife and children.

We love you and are praying for you. Please e-mail us at drsm142@aol.com with your prayer requests or words of encouragement. Please keep us, our children and our grandchildren in your prayers.

Yours in the Ministry of Christ Jesus,

Dr. Samuel & Susan Mathai


Interesting Facts about Nepal:Nepal is land locked between the two most populated countries in the world: China – over 1.3 billion and India – over 1.2 billion.Nepal is home to eight of the ten highest mountains in the world with the tallest being Mt. Everest at 29,035 ft. above sea level. Temperatures at the top of Mt. Everest can go as low as -75 degrees.The national flag of Nepal is the world’s only flag that is nonquadrilateral in shape. The two triangles symbolize the Himalayan Mountains and represent the two major religions Hinduism and Buddhism. However, the country itself is predominantly Hindu.Limbini a city in south central Nepal was the birthplace of Buddha.In Nepal touching anything with your feet is considered on offense.

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